For a brighter future


SunRise is an open source software that shows how solar energy can contribute both for the developed countries and for the undeveloped ones.
It consists of two subapplications: Companies and Africa
Companies finds whether there is the necessity of optimizing the use of solar energy of a given company basing on the Pv system features and on the monthly electrical need.
Africa gives an idea to the donor to SolarAid of how much his donation would contribute in the African people's lives.
The repository on Github is on this link

Our Mission

There are many ways to be more green and to preserve our world.
If we want to have a cleaner world and a more sustainable lifestyle we have to invest in clean and renewable energy.
With our app we wish to promote solar energy, which is free and does not compromise the environment, our health and climate.
Furthermore, solar energy is inexhaustible.
For all these reasons solar energy should become the primary form of energy: this could bring to a cleaner environment and a healthier world.
Solar energy is the key to allow technology and nature to co-exist peacefully.
We guess that solar energy will be affordable and available everywhere in the world for generations to come.

Optimization is the best way to have more

For companies

The clean energy obtained thanks to the sun is a great resource.
For this reason it is important knowing how to use it intelligently in order to avoid its waste.
Sunrise allows you to optimize the output of home or company Pv systems.
Inserting some data such as position and some features of the system,
the app estimates energy max monthly output, and compares it to your real needs, with a consequent economy.
By now the app includes Italian areas.

Everyone should have light

For Africa

Solar energy is a great opportunity for those areas where electrical facilities are not available.
Many association give the possibility to donate Pv lamps.
Sunrise, substaining SolarAid, gives the possibility to have a real time view of the return of the light donation, estimated in light hours produced by the donation.
In this way the donor can realize how important is the ethical contribution, in order to give a new sunrise to those who still live in the dark.