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SunRise is an open source software that shows how solar energy can contribute both for the developed countries and for the undeveloped ones.
It consists of two subapplications: Companies and Africa
Companies finds whether there is the necessity of optimizing the use of solar energy of a given company basing on the Pv system features and on the monthly electrical need.
Africa gives an idea to the donor to SolarAid of how much his donation would contribute in the African people's lives.
The repository on Github is on this link

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The team

Our passionate team

Chiara Masci

developer and contents

I attend the Istituto Pavoniano Artigianelli school for Graphic Arts and Design.
I have been in the WebValley summer school organized by FBK as I am very passionate about coding, physics and math.

Marcus Vukojevic


I’m a student of the Ladin High School in Pozza di Fassa.
I’ve been in Poland for the Startify7 program launched by the European commission.
The main topic was business planning and I’m really interested in that.
I love astrophysics, creating new useful things and being innovative.

Sabrina Rungaldier

video maker and contents

I attend the Ladin High School of Fassa for Design.
Since I was a child I've been interested in motorsports and watches and my dream is to become an automotive designer. I'm fascinated by artisans and I like to realize my own creations.

Thomas Zulian


I'm a Math teacher in the Ladin High School of Pozza di Fassa.
I have been working in the school for 8 years, in which I tried to offer to my students interesting projects about robots, scientific shows, health and theater.
I like science, nature, sport and fun.

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Our cooperative helpers


Energy Technologies Department
Thermal and Thermodynamic Solar Division

Joint Research Centre

Solar Aid

Greenlight Planet


Using Nasa Web World Wind software
Solar Radiation data of ENEA – Energy Technologies Department – Thermal and Thermodynamic Solar Division – Research Centre Casaccia (RM)
African global solar irradiance data from the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission
Data from Solar Aid
Free images from pixabay.com, www.pexels.com