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Location (companies)

You have to insert the italian locality writing its latitude and longitude in decimals degrees.
To find out the right latitude and the longitude you can go to this link


The "tilt" value indicates the inclination of the photovoltaic system.
This values goes from 0° (not inclinated) to 90°.
It is necessary to evaluate the actual solar irradiance received by the photovoltaic cells.


This value indicates which cardinal point is directed the photovoltaic system.
The value goes from -90° (East) to +90°(West), as a consequence to insert South, South-East and South-West in degrees you have to write 0°, -45°, +45°.


This parameter indicates which type of surface the system is leaning on.
This value is necessary to evaluate the reflection coefficient, the darker the surface is, the lower the coefficient is.


The type of photovoltaic system has to be specified among these ones:

The first type includes both the mono-crystalline and the poly-crystalline. As they both are thin film photovoltaic panels, the last two types have very similar appearances.

Peak Power

The Peak Power (expressed in kwp) is the declared power produced when there is 1000W per square meters of sun radiation on the system and the temperature is 25°C
If you don't know this value, you can calculate it multiplying the area of your modules for their efficiency


The way the photovolatic panels are mounted has to be selected.
If they are mounted on a surface select "building integrated system", if they are on a pole select "free standing system".
This parameter is necessary to evaluate how the system overheats during the day

Energy needed

The energy needed per month in watt-hours has to be inserted for each month.

Location (Solaraid)

Here the location of the donation has to be inserted. To begin with, select the state from the dropdown menu (if missing select "Global"), then insert the latitude and the longitude in decimal degrees.
If you do not know the exact location, you can both go over the desired spot with your mouse and insert the values that appear in the lower part or use these locations for the different states:


The time zone of the location inserted has to be selected.
This has to be done only if "Global" is selected in the location field.


The donation in pounds has to be inserted in this field.
If you need to convert your currency into pounds, go to this link
Remember that to make the real donation you have to go on SolarAid website

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